Unit Number ISO Code Equipment Type Color Paint Type Type Factory Manufacturer Mfr Date Mfr Year Refurbished CSC Number Gross Weight (kg) Tare Weight (kg) Payload (kg) Cubic Capacity (m^3) Stack Weight (kg) Racking (kg) Door Opening Width (mm) Door Opening Height (mm) Lashing System (bars/rings) Vents Deck height at Corner Posts (mm) Length Between End Panels (mm) Width Between Corner Posts (mm) Stack Height (mm) Roof Aperture Length (mm) Roof Aperture Width (mm) Door Header Aperture Width (mm) Cooling Unit Refrigerant Voltage Ext Length (mm) Ext Width (mm) Bolster Height (mm) Gvwr Per Factory (kg) Abs Mud Flaps Rim Tires Sliding Tandem Tandem Extended Length (mm) Tire Inflator Gps Provision Gps Installed Thermalert Refurb
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